You’re About to Retire: Here are 7 Tips to Stay Independent

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Independence is important in retirement. The more independent retirees are, the more fulfilling their retirement is likely to be. However, living independently as you age isn't always easy and may take some degree of planning well before you are even ready to retire. Want to ensure your chance of living independently during your retirement? Below are a few tips to put you on the path toward an independent future.

1. Have Your Finances on Track

To remain independent in retirement, you will need to have enough money put aside to take care of your monthly costs and stay on top of inflation. By having enough money to cover your expenses, you may not need to rely on family members and shouldn't have to adjust your lifestyle as much to make ends meet.1

2. Make Your Home Safe

While you may have several years before you have to worry about problems getting around your home, it is a good idea to plan for any major expenses you may need to make to ensure your home is safe when you are older.1

3. Keep Up With Medical Visits

One of the primary reasons that many people are no longer independent as they age is due to medical conditions. You may lower your risk of major medical issues and lessen the effects of medical issues you may have by keeping up with medical visits and preventive services before you retire.2

4. Take Charge of Your Mental Health

Depression and anxiety may become worse as you get older, especially if you don't live around family and friends. If you suffer from any mental health conditions, make sure that you address them so they do not become a significant hindrance when you are older and trying to maintain your independence.1

5. Build a Strong Support System

The key to independent living is having help and knowing when to ask for help. As you age, there are tasks you won't be able to complete independently. You may need to outsource tasks to professionals, family members, or friends. By building this support system early, you will be more likely to maintain your independence for longer.2

6. Get Organized

Getting organized and having systems in place to help you stay organized is crucial for living independently into your golden years. Keep good records of your finances and budget, keep to-do lists, and have contact information where it is easy to find. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to get through your daily routine.2

7. Keep Up With Technology

Understanding and being able to navigate technology is a great way to ensure your independence in retirement. Technology often acts as a lifeline between you and the rest of the world and, when used correctly, has the potential to make your retirement easier. Smartphones, for example, can be used to order everything from food to medical supplies. Camera systems can help you maintain security.2



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