Harwood Wealth Management (HWM) dedicates itself to helping its clients as they strive for financial independence. HWM aims to provide its clients with educated, candid responses to their financial questions.

Bill Harwood brings decades of professional experience and has been a financial advisor since 1999. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)®, Bill provides his clients with holistic advice to support them in pursuing financial success.

In 2021, Harwood Wealth Management expanded its advisor team to include William Harwood. William shares Bill's passion for helping their clients and positively impacting their lives. The team meets with clients together and helps determine their long-term goals, and then they develop a personally tailored plan to help them get there.

Laurie Tracy supports the team as Vice President of Operations. She brings over 20 years of experience in financial services and dedicates herself to ensuring that each client receives the utmost care and support.

Harwood Wealth Management's mission is to give their clients honest, clear financial advice. They know that their most important duties are to listen and understand their clients' needs and goals, develop a plan for their clients, and work with them to implement and monitor that plan. This level of care and attention to detail helps them develop a relationship with their clients built on trust. Harwood Wealth Management seeks to help its clients pursue their goals and provide them with comfort and confidence as they navigate through life.



Harwood Wealth Management is an other business name of Independent Advisor Alliance, LLC (IAA), a registered investment adviser. IAA provides its investment advisers with a broad range of customized support services designed to optimize efficiencies and ease operational burdens. Independent Advisor Alliance has more than 145 partner firms in 25 states. The registration of Harwood Wealth Management advisers with Independent Advisor Alliance allows the advisers to focus on financial planning, asset management, and providing valued and comprehensive service to clients. 


An image of a quote from Bill Harwood - "Behind every front door, there is a story; they are all different and unique."